01 February 2023

Canon Photography Training Milnerton, Cape Town

Photography Training / Skills Development Milnerton, Cape Town and Cape Peninsula

Canon Photography Training Cape Town / Cape Peninsula
Fast Shutter Speed / Action Photography Training Woodbridge Island, Cape Town

Vernon Canon Photography Training Cape Town / Cape Peninsula

Private Canon EOS / EOS R Camera and Photography tutoring / training courses in Milnerton, Cape Town - or in the comfort of your home / garden anywhere in the Cape Peninsula.

Tailor-made (individual) learning programmes are prepared for specific Canon EOS / EOS R / PowerShot camera and photography requirements with the following objectives:
  • Individual Needs / Gear analysis
  • Canon EOS camera menus / settings
  • Exposure settings and options
  • Specific genre applications and skills development
  • Practical shooting sessions (where applicable)
  • Adobe Lightroom post-processing training
  • Ongoing support

Canon Camera / Lens Requirements
Any Canon EOS / EOS R body / lens combination is suitable for most of the training sessions. During initial contact I will determine the learner's current skills, Canon EOS system and other learning / photographic requirements. Many Canon PowerShot camera models are also suitable for creative photography skills development.

Learning Photography from the comfort of your Own Cape Town Home / Garden More Information

Bird / Flower Photography Training Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden More Information
Photography Private Training Classes Milnerton, Cape Town
  • Introduction to Photography / Canon Cameras More 
  • Bird / Flower Photography Training Kirstenbosch More
  • Birds in Flight / Bird Photography Training More
  • Canon Speedlite Flash Photography Training More
  • Macro / Close-Up Photography More
  • Landscape / Long Exposure Photography More
  • Real Estate / Interior Decor Photography Training More
  • Digital Workflow / Lightroom Post-Processing Classes More

Training / demonstrations are done on the client's own Canon EOS bodies attached to various Canon EF / other brand lenses covering wide-angle to zoom focal lengths.

Photography Training Gift Voucher Options
Most photography training sessions are available as Birthday / Christmas Gift training voucher options with a one year validity period. More information

Private Canon Camera / Photography Training Cape Town
Canon EOS System / Menu  Setup and Training Cape Town

2023 Individual Photography Training Session Cost / Rates >>

From R750 per four hour session in Milnerton, Cape Town. Practical shooting sessions can be worked into the training. A typical training programme of three training sessions is R2 250-00.

This to be inclusive of up to 12 hours theory / settings training (inclusive: a three hours practical shoot around Woodbridge Island if required).

Canon EOS Cameras / Lenses / Speedlite Flash Training
All Canon EOS cameras from the EOS 1100D to advanced AF training on the Canon EOS 80D to 
Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. All Canon EOS R Cameras. All Canon EF / EF-S / RF / RF-S and other Canon-compatible brand lenses.  All Canon Speedlite flash units from Canon Speedlite 270EX to Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT (including Macro Ring Lite flash models).

Canon PowerShot Camera Training
All Canon PowerShot models (G and SX models) with creative photography mode settings / options (P / Av / Tv / M Modes) will provide a good learning experience for understanding the application of  the more advanced (creative) options of the Canon PowerShot camera (which is in application and design very similar to the Canon EOS / EOS R cameras).

Advanced Canon EOS Autofocus Training
For advanced AF training have a look at the Birds in Flight Photography workshop options. Advanced AF training most suitable from the Canon EOS 7D Mark II to Canon EOS 1-DX Mark II.

Cape Town Training Schedules / Availability
From Tuesdays - during the day / evening and / or over weekends.

Canon Camera and Photography Training Cape Town
Canon EOS / Close-Up Lens Accessories Training Cape Town

Core Canon Camera / Photography  Learning Areas
  • Overview & Specific Canon Camera / Lens Settings
  • Exposure Settings for M / Av / Tv Modes
  • Autofocus / Manual Focus Options
  • General Photography / Lens Selection / Settings
  • Transition from JPG to RAW (Reasons why)
  • Landscape Photography / Settings / Filters
  • Close-Up / Macro Photography / Settings
  • Real Estate / Interior Décor Photography Settings
  • Speedlite Flash / Flash Modes / Flash Settings
  • Digital Image Management / Post-Processing

Practical Photography / Application
  • Inter-relationship of ISO / Aperture / Shutter Speed
  • Aperture and Depth of Field demonstration
  • Low light / Long Exposure demonstration
  • Landscape sessions / Manual focusing
  • Speedlite Flash application / technique
  • Introduction to Post-Processing

Tailor-made Canon Camera / Photography training to be facilitated on specific requirements after a thorough needs-analysis with individual photographer / or small group.

Typical Learning Areas Agenda
  • General Photography Challenges / Fundamentals 
  • Exposure Overview (ISO / Aperture / Shutter Speed) 
  • Canon EOS 70D Menus / Settings (in relation to exposure) 
  • Camera / Lens Settings (in relation to application / genres) 
  • Lens Selection / Technique (in relation to application / genres) 
  • Introduction to Canon Flash / Low Light Photography

Above Learning Areas are facilitated over two sessions or more photography sessions of four hours+ each. Any additional practical photography sessions (if required) will be at an additional pro-rata cost.

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Fireworks Display Photography with Canon EOS 6D - Woodbridge Island / Cape Town
Fireworks Display Photography with Canon EOS 6D : Cape Town

Woodbridge Island / Milnerton Lighthouse before sunrise - Canon EOS 6D / 16-35mm Lens
Woodbridge Island : Canon EOS 6D / 16-35mm Lens

White-Breasted Cormorant in flight - Slow Shutter Speed Abstract Cape Town
Creative Photography : Slow Shutter Speed Abstract Application

Private Canon Camera / Photography Training Cape Town
Perched Pied Kingfisher : Canon EOS 7D Mark II / 400mm Lens

Canon Camera and Photography Private Tutoring Cape Town
Long Exposure Photography: Canon EOS 700D / Wide-Angle Lens

Private Canon Camera / Photography Training Cape Town
Birds in Flight : Canon EOS 7D Mark II / 400mm lens

Colourpoint Persian : Canon EOS 6D / 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM Lens - Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers
Persian Portrait : Canon EOS 6D / 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM Lens

Private Canon Camera / Photography Training Cape Town
Fashion Photography Canon Speedlite flash : Canon EOS 6D @ 70mm

Long Exposure Photography with Canon EOS 6D - Woodbridge Island / Cape Town
Long Exposure Photography Canon EOS 6D : Milnerton

Private Canon Camera / Photography Training Cape Town
Close-Up & Macro Photography Cape Town  : Canon EOS 6D

Canon Camera and Photography Private Tutoring Cape Town
Panning / Slow Shutter Speed: Canon EOS 70D 70-300mm Lens

Private Vernon Chalmers Photography Workshop March 2023

Update: Vernon Chalmers Photography Private Training Workshop and Beyond

Private Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Workshop March 2023
Red-Knobbed Coot : Diep River / Woodbridge Island 

It has been confirmed today that I will be facilitating a private Birds / Bird in Flight group workshop for a historically well-established Photographic Society in the Cape Peninsula during March 2023.

What is the impact on current VCP Canon EOS R / EOS one-on-one camera / photography training clients?

There should not be too much impact during February bookings, but it could affect overflow / practical sessions in March 2023 due to research, preparation and the actual workshop schedule.

This will be a multi-brand camera workshop, (not just Canon) and therefore I will be required to research all other available camera brands (ito of contemporary camera bodies, autofocus systems, lenses and optional accessories for meeting the confirmed workshop objectives) and also Canon / other brands product roadmap(s) ito technology; bodies, lenses, appropriate accessories etc.

I am looking forward to this group facilitation and it may just pave the way to kick-start the VCP group workshops (up to 25 delegates) again in Birds / Birds in Flight / Landscape / Macro & Close-Up / Speedlight Flash Photography for predominantly Canon photographers (EOS / EOS R APS-C / Full Frame bodies).

The last three VCP workshops (theory modules: Birds in Flight / Landscape / Macro & Close-Up Photography) at the Environmental Centre Intaka Island were unfortunatly cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. I’m giving this some serious thought again and will be in discussion with various stakeholders over the next few months.

My friend and most valued workshop co-presenter, Joseph Inns, is not with us anymore and these public workshop initiates will have to be managed, for the first time, without his pragmatic sense of photography education and training.

Camera and Photography theory modules 2023 / 2024 may not necessarily be facilitated at Intaka Island.

Interested in attending a Vernon Chalmers Photography Public Workshops?

Anyone interested in attending a public VCP workshop (Canon or other brands) please contact me through the Contact Me / WhatsApp / Messenger options on the website.

Media Release: Vernon Chalmers Photography Training (31/1/2023)

Image Above: As cool as a red-knobbed coot (Diep River / Woodbridge Island). With Canon EOS 7D Mark II / EF 400mm f/5/6L USM lens

Image Below: African sacred ibis in flight (Intaka Island Cape Town). With Canon EOS 7D Mark II / EF 400mm f/5/6L USM lens

Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Intaka Island | Kirstenbosch Garden | Woodbridge Island

African Sacred Ibis  Intaka Island Cape Town Vernon Chalmers
African Sacred Ibis in Flight : Intaka Island Cape Town

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