01 August 2023

The History of Photography

Links to Various Online History of Photography Resources and Information
History of Photography - Free PDF Downloads
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The History of Photography:  Free PDF Downloads & Links 
Taken literally, the Greek words photos and graphos together mean “light drawing”. Even today the term photography is being manipulated to fit digital imaging, but in its most elegant form, a photograph may best be described as a reasonably stable image made by the effect of light on a chemical substance. Light is energy in the form of the visible spectrum. If light or some other invisible wavelength of energy is not used to make the final picture by chemical means, it cannot, by this definition, be a photograph. (Source: History and Evolution of Photography)

A History of Photography
From the beginnings until the 1920's
Author: Dr Robert Leggat
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Making Sense of Document Photography
Author: James Curtis
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History and Evolution of Photography
Authors: Mark Osterman / Grant B. Romer
George Eastman House International Museum
of Photography and Film
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Portrait Photography
From the Victorians to the present day
Author: National Portrait Gallery
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A new art or yet another scientific achievement
Author: Alex Sirota
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