01 January 2023

Available Photography Training Options Cape Town

Photography Training Options Cape Town / Across the Cape Peninsula

Available Photography Training Options Cape Town
Vernon Chalmers Photography Canon EOS / Canon EO R / PowerShot Training

Canon Photography Training Options in Milnerton / Woodbridge Island and Kirstenbosch

Private Photography Sessions across the Cape Peninsula

Over the last ten years I have facilitated various Canon EOS specific workshop and private training in Milnerton, Woodbridge Island - and have done presentations at various camera clubs in the Cape Peninsula.

Currently most of my training is facilitated from my studio apartment in Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) as one-on-one training sessions - for providing individual photographers with personalised training options around Woodbridge Island and Kirstenbosch (mainly for small birds / flowers).

In general most training sessions are a tailor-made approach with each new photography learning, covering a range of fundamentals or genre options.

 Please Note: I only facilitate Canon EOS / PowerShot still photography and not any video requirements.

Learning Photography in the Comfort of your own Home / Garden
Canon EOS / EOS R / Powershot Camera and Photography training sessions around the Cape Peninsula
I travel to clients for facilitating my Canon Camera / Photography Training  in the comfort of client's own home and or. Read more >>

Canon Camera and Photography Training Sessions
Available Training Sessions / Private Tutoring Cape Town (interest areas of most new photographers)
Introduction to advanced Canon EOS / Powershot cameras and photography: 
  • Birds In Flight / Action Photography
  • Bird / Flower Photography Kirstenbosch
  • Canon EOS AI Servo / Autofocus (with special attention on advanced AF Systems)
  • Canon EOS Autofocus Systems Setup and Configurations
  • Canon EOS-1 DX Mark III (all other versions)
  • Canon EOS R System: EOS R3 / R5 / R6 / R / RP 
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III / IV (all other versions)
  • Canon EOS 6D / 6D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 7D / 7D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 60D / 70D / 80D / 90D
  • Canon EOS M (all versions)
  • Canon EF-S / EF-M / EF / RF lenses (other compatible lenses) 
  • Canon Powershot SX and G models
  • Introduction / Using Canon flash / Speedlite Flash
  • Landscape / Long Exposure / Night Photography
  • Macro / Close-Up Photography
  • Real Estate / Interior Decor Photography Training
  • Photoshop Lightroom 5.7 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 Post-Processing Workflow
  • Total photography workflow planning process (not just post-processing)
  • Combination of above (depending on individual requirements)

Available Canon Photography Training Options Cape Town Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers
Birds in Flight Photography Training Woodbridge Island, Cape Town : Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Photography Training Gift Vouchers
Most training sessions are available as a Birthday / Christmas Gift training voucher option with a one year validity period. All photography training sessions are facilitated in Milnerton, Cape Town. Kirstenbosch small bird / flower photography also and option. More information 

Self Catering Accommodation Milnerton
Vernon Chalmers photography training is facilitated from a self-catering accommodation apartment in Arnhem, Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) with an option for local and international photographers to overnight during the various training sessions. Optional accommodation will be calculated at reduced rates into the Photography Training Proposal / Invoicing. More Information

More Information: Vernon Chalmers Photography Training

Available Photography Training Options Cape Town Canon EOS R6
Photography Training Options Cape Town Image Credit: Canon

Canon Photography Training Milnerton Woodbridge Island | Kirstenbosch Cape Town

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