03 December 2023

Recommended Intel Hardware for Lightroom Post-Processing

Recommended Intel Hardware Requirements For Lightroom Image Processing

Recommended Intel Hardware for Lightroom Post-Processing
Adobe Lightroom Classic Version 12 Develop Module

Minimum Intel System Specifications for Lightroom Classic Image Processing 

I regard the Intel-based hardware specifications I used for post-processing the images in my post Butterflies and Flowers after the Rain at Kirstenbosch in quite a few ways as an entry-level standard for editing / post-processing bulk RAW images when using Adobe Lightroom Classic. 

Raw Image Editing / Post-Processing
I generally use a more powerful Intel i5 Acer Extensa desktop workstation computer and 16GB DDR4 Dual-Channel RAM paired with 2x 24" LED monitors. The faster CPU processing / additional RAM is in my option producing quite a substantial performance increase in terms of personal productivity (processing speed) and workflow schedule.

A dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) will further enhance post-processing performance. I have achieved satisfactory performance standards with Nvidia's GTX GPU's over the years.

JPG Image Editing / Post-Processing
For JPG-only editing the mentioned Acer Aspire 3 Intel i3 (Generation 10) notebook specifications (in either notebook or desktop configuration) should suffice - a good quality single (or dual) external 20' to 24' monitor(s) will enhance working space and provide a higher quality visual experience than most notebook built-in screens. One 27" monitor is also an option if a single monitor is prefered.

I personally prefer working with a dual Samsung LED monitor configuration when going through large image batches (selection and processing), but there are also a few other brands (i.e. Acer / Asus / Dell / LG) that will be of similar and / or higher visual display quality. A single monitor configuration should also be sufficient - it will all depend on the user's dynamic multi-application preference(s).

Other Editing / Post-Procession Hardware
I am not familiar with AMD-based Systems or the minimum / suitable hardware specifications for Apple Desktops / Notebooks (for Adobe Lightroom application / post-processing).

Cape Spurfowl at Kirstenbosch edited with Lightroom Classic
Cape Spurfowl at Kirstenbosch edited with Lightroom Classic Version 12

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