01 October 2022

Photography Training Gift Vouchers Cape Town

Photography Gift Voucher Options at Milnerton, Woodbridge Island and / or Kirstenbosch, Cape Town

Vernon Chalmers Photography Private Photography Training Gift Vouchers Cape Peninsula

Photography Training Gift Vouchers and Ideas for Birthdays / Christmas
Photography Training Gift Vouchers Cape Town for Birthdays / Christmas  Image Vernon Chalmers / Design by Joseph Inns

Birthday / Christmas Photography Training Gift Voucher Options Cape Town
Most of my photography training / individual training sessions are available as a Birthday / Christmas / Other Special Occasion training gift voucher with an one year validity period.

Any Photography Training Gift Voucher purchased is valid for 1 YEAR

Photography Training Gift Vouchers Milnerton Woodbridge Island
How Many Sessions / Cost?
Photography training sessions are generally between two and four sessions (of up to 4 to 5 hours per session) and are available for various one-on-one photography training options:
  • R950 for two sessions
  • R1 650 for three sessions
  • R2 150 for four sessions

Rates / Sessions are only applicable for Gift Vouchers and will be valid for one year.

I'm also available to travel to facilitate Gift Voucher training on other locations. An additional cost will be added for traveling. More here >> 

Please note that all my camera and photography skills development training sessions are only available for owners of Canon EOS / PowerShot digital cameras. For Adobe Lightroom training it could be any camera brand.

Canon EOS / Photography Private Training Gift Voucher Session Options
  • Introduction to Photography / Canon Cameras More 
  • Birds and Flower Photography Training Practical Kirstenbosch More
  • Birds in Flight / Bird Photography Training More
  • Canon Speedlite Flash Photography Workshop More
  • Macro / Close-Up Photography Training More
  • Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Sessions More
  • Digital Workflow / Lightroom Post-Processing Sessions More

Individual Learning Approach

Birds in flight Photography Training Gift Vouchers Cape Town
The training sessions could be any combination of the photography training - Canon EOS / photography and / or Adobe Lightroom post-processing offer (see detailed options here).

Personalised Gift Voucher Information
All Photography Training Gift Vouchers to be prepared with a personal message and emailed as PDF document file.

Photography Training Location
All theory / settings / exposure training is facilitated in my training studio apartment in Milnerton, Cape Town (opposite Woodbridge Island).

Practical applications will be around Woodbridge Island / Milnerton beach. Practical application will depend on the type of training selected.

Photography Training Practical Gift Vouchers for Kirstenbosch Garden
One or more sessions of small bird and flower photography (close-up / general) practical at Kirstenbosch. This could be an individual session and / or with other training sessions at Milnerton / Woodbridge Island.

Photography Training Practical Gift Voucher at Kirstenbosch Garden
Photography Training Gift Voucher Costs

Training sessions are generally between two and thee sessions (of up to 5 hours per session) and range from R950 to R1 650 (excluding Accommodation) depending on specific Canon camera / training requirements. More sessions are also available.

Photography Training Gift Voucher Validity Period
Training sessions should be attended within one year after payment. Individual sessions will be scheduled to the maximum time and value benefit with delegate(s).

Photography Training Gift Voucher Transfer / Refund Policy
Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Gift Vouchers are transferable (within the validity period), but not refundable.

Contact me for discussing specific photography gift voucher options

* Photography Training Gift Voucher Design Ⓒ Joseph Inns

* Photography Training Gift Voucher Image Ⓒ Vernon Chalmers

Bird Photography Training Gift Vouchers Kirstenbosch Cape Town
Small Bird Photography Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden 

Canon Photography Training Milnerton Woodbridge Island | Kirstenbosch Cape Town

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