15 May 2024

Photography Competitions South Africa 2024

Photo Competitions and Awards South Africa 2024 / 2025

Photo Competitions and Awards South Africa 2024

Photography Competitions South Africa 2024 

Listing of the latest Photography Competitions and Awards (for Landscape, Macro, Nature, Wildlife and Travel etc.) on some of the most well-known South African companies / magazines / newspapers / NGO websites offering photography competitions in South Africa.

Please note: Some of these South African online photography competitions / contests are once-off competitions: read more on the listed websites for updated 2024 / 2025 competitions. Some of the current photo / photography competitions may have expired. Contact the photography competition organisers about any future competitions. 

Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA): Photography Competitions
PSSA affiliated Photography Clubs should offer monthly photography competitions. Herewith a link to the alphabetical listing of current PSSA Clubs / Contact Detail PSSA Clubs >>

International Photography Awards, Contests and Competitions 2024 /2025

Tips for Entering Photo Competitions / How to Win in Photo Competitions
View the section on Tips for Entering a Photo / Photography Competition or Contest below the Photo contest / Competition listing.

What Photography Judes Evaluate in Photo Competitions >>

Important before entering any Photography Competition / Contest
Please read the Terms and Conditions and fully understand what happens to the Copyright / Ownership of your image(s) after submission to / and publication of your images into their online galleries (and what happens to your image(s) after closing dates). If you're not sure contact the organisers / sponsors before submission.

Adding your Photo / Photography Competition (South Africa only) to this list
Please Contact Me direct for discussing / adding your Photography Competition (South Africa only).

NB: Please check all Photo / Photography Competition Closing Dates

NB: Some websites may not have an active Photo / Photography Competition currently

Photography / Photo Competitions South Africa 2024 / 2025

Africa Photo Awards

African Odyssey Competition
African Odyssey Competition

BirdLife South Africa Photography Competition 2024
PDF Download: BirdLife South Africa Photography Competition 2024
Canon Redline Challenge - For Amateur Photographers
Canon Redline Challenge

Cape Town Photographic Society - Monthly Photography Competitions

Cederberg Adventure Photo Contest 2024
Photo Contest

Getaway Photography / Gallery Competition
Getaway Gallery Competition

Hunters of Light (sponsored by Canon)
Photo Competitions

How Cute is Your Pet : Enter Monthly Photo Competitions

International Photography Competitions 2024
International Photography Competitions

Largest Photo Competition in Africa 2024
Photo Competition Africa

Kgalagadi Wildlife Photo Competition
Kgalagadi Wildlife Photo Competition

Neem Beter Fotos Kompetisie - Weg Tydskrif
Neem Beter Fotos Kompetisie 

Nikon Photography Contests / Competitions
Nikon Photo Contests

ORMS Photography Competitions

Pangolin Photo Challenge
Pangolin Photo Challenge

Photogenic Competitions South Africa - Facebook Group

Photo Competition South Africa - Free to Enter Contests 
Photo Competition South Africa

Photography Competition (Different Categories) PhotographingSA
Photography Competitions

Photo Freedom Competitions

SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association
Photography Competitions

Sunday Times / Sowetan Jägermeister Photo Competition
Jägermeister Photo Competition

The Essence of Vergelegen Photography Contest
Vergelegen Photography Contest

The South African Mobile Photography Awards
Veld & Flora Best Shot Photo Competition
Botanical Society Photo Competition

Visual Arts Network of South Africa - VANSA Competitions
VANSA Competitions

Wiki Science South Africa
Scientific Photo Contest

Wilderness Safaris Photo Competition
Photo Competition


How to Win a Photography Competition? (In South Africa 2024 / 2025)

"Winning a photography competition requires a combination of technical skill, artistic vision, and effective presentation. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

1. Understand the Theme: Read and understand the competition's theme or guidelines thoroughly. Your submission should align with the theme and convey the intended message.

2. Create a Strong Composition:
- Rule of Thirds: Position the main subject along the intersecting lines of the rule of thirds grid to create a balanced and visually appealing composition.
- Leading Lines: Use natural or architectural lines to lead the viewer's eye toward the subject.
- Framing: Use elements in the environment to frame your subject and add depth to the photo.

3. Capture Emotion and Storytelling: A winning photograph often tells a story or evokes strong emotions. Capture candid moments, unique expressions, or scenes that communicate a narrative.

4. Focus on Lighting:
- Golden Hour: Shoot during the golden hours, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is soft and warm.
- Avoid Harsh Light: Harsh midday light can cast unflattering shadows. Overcast days provide diffused light that's great for portraits and landscapes.

5. Technical Excellence:
- Sharpness: Ensure your subject is in focus and sharp. Use the appropriate aperture settings for your desired depth of field.
- Exposure: Maintain proper exposure by balancing the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Use exposure compensation if needed.
- Color and White Balance: Ensure accurate colors by setting the proper white balance based on the lighting conditions.

6. Show Originality: Stand out by offering a unique perspective or a creative interpretation of the theme. Avoid clichés and aim for fresh, innovative ideas.

7. Post-Processing: Enhance your photos using post-processing software, but avoid overdoing it. Subtle adjustments in contrast, saturation, and sharpness can make your photo pop without looking unnatural.

8. Technical Requirements: Ensure your photo meets the competition's technical requirements for resolution, file format, and size.

9. Attention to Detail: Pay attention to small details like distracting elements, clutter, and unwanted objects in the frame.

10. Judges' Perspective: Try to anticipate what the judges might look for in a winning photo. Research their previous work and preferences if possible.

11. Submit a Cohesive Portfolio: If the competition involves submitting multiple photos, create a portfolio that demonstrates your range, skills, and consistency.

12. Practice and Feedback: Practice regularly and seek constructive feedback from peers or mentors to refine your skills and improve your work.

13. Presentation and Title: Choose a compelling title that complements your photo and enhances its storytelling. Present your work professionally.

14. Tell Your Story: If the competition allows, provide a brief description of your photo and the story behind it. This can add depth and context to your submission.

15. Stay True to Yourself: While it's important to consider judges' preferences, stay true to your style and vision. Authenticity can make your work stand out.

Remember that winning a competition is not solely about the outcome but also about the learning experience and growth that come from participating." (ChatGPT 2023)

Tips for Entering a Photo / Photography Competition or Contest

How to Win a Photography Competition
Win a Photography Competition

How to win a Photo Competition
How to win a Photo competition

Tips for Entering a Photo Contest / Competition
Tips for entering a photo contest

Photo Contest Tips - Nature Photographers Network
Photo Contest Tips

Reasons for Entering a Photography Competition
Reasons for entering a photography competition

Things to Check Before Entering a Photography Competition
Things to Check Before Entering a Photography Competition

Things to Do before You Enter a Photography Competition
Things to Do before You Enter a Photography Competition

The Importance of Entering Photography Competitions
Importance of Entering Photography Competitions

Fool-Proof Ways to Win a Photo Contest / Competition
Fool-Proof Ways to Win a Photo Contest

Top Tips when Entering Photography Competitions
Entering Photography Competitions

How to Take Better Pictures and Win Photography Contests
How to Take Better Pictures and Win Photography Contests

How to Prepare your Photographs for Contests and Competitions
Prepare your photographs for contests and competitions

How to be successful in Photo Competitions
How to be successful in Photo Competitions

How to win your next Photo Competition / Contest

How To Win A Photo Contest / Competition, According to the Experts

Secrets to Scoring Big at Photography Competitions
Secrets to Scoring Big at Photography Competitions


Photo / Photography Competitions : Foto / Fotografie Kompetisies

How to Enter and Win a Photo / Photography Competition

Hoe om aan 'n Fotografie Kompetisie Deel te Neem en te Wen

Listing of the latest Photography Competitions South Africa - Landscape, Macro, Nature, Wildlife and Travel etc.

Vernon Chalmers / South Africa Photography Awards, Competitions and Contests Disclaimer
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Vernon Chalmers Photography : Photography Competitions South Africa Disclaimer
Vernon Chalmers (as photographer, photography trainer, domain and website owner) is not in any way associated with / or a beneficiary of any listed South African awards, competitions and / or contests. 

Visitors to the Vernon Chalmers Photography Training website who wants to participate in any of the listed awards, contests and competitions are encouraged to visit all the listed / relevant Photography Competition media pages and read all rules, regulations, photo copyright / ownership and authentication / verification information before submitting any photograph to any online depository and / or website.

International Photography Competitions 2024 >>

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Photography Competitions South Africa 2024

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