09 September 2023

Reed cormorant with my ‘slowest’ camera - Canon EOS 6D

Reed cormorant with my ‘slowest’ camera - Canon EOS 6D

We generally aim to use our ‘fastest’ camera ito of Autofocus and frames per second (fps).

Here is an example of my more than 10-year old Canon EOS 6D, Full-Frame body @ 4.5 fps / one AF-point paired with a professional 400mm f/5.6 lens (handheld @ 1/4000s and Auto-ISO 640).
During most of my birds in flight photography sessions I generally use faster bodies at 10 fps+ and a variety of AF clusters and or zones.

If the EOS 6D was my only camera for birds in flight I would be more than happy to use it for action photography et al. The answer (for me) is in anticipation, light and a reasonably good lens.

With so much new mirrorless technology I am more than satisfied to challenge myself with older cameras.

I am still in no real hurry to upgrade my, by today’s standards, vintage DSLR bodies.

Location: Diep River, Woodbridge Island

Image: © Vernon Chalmers (Canon EOS 6D / EF 4oomm f/5.6 USM lens)

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