21 March 2019

Introduction to Photography / Camera Training Cape Town

Introduction to Photography / Canon EOS DSLR Training Cape Town
Photography / Canon EOS DSLR Private Training
This one-on-one training programme is designed for assisting the new Canon EOS photographer with mastering the fundamentals of photography and the introduction of the settings and menu system of the Canon EOS DSLR camera.

The Introduction to Photography / Canon EOS DSLR Training programme is facilitated over three sessions (of up to four hours each) with specific reference to the following objectives:
  • Understanding and allying photography fundamentals (i.e. Aperture / ISO / Shutter Speed) 
  • Understanding and applying the Canon EOS menu and Autofocus systems and related settings 
  • Providing opportunities for practical exposure in various genres (i.e. Birding / Landscape / Macro / Portraiture)
  • Introduction to photography composition (for various genres)
  • Future support / recommendations on possible future Canon Camera / Lens / Accessory purchases

Each session is started with a detailed agenda and camera manual / handling notes (specific to the learner's) EOS camera, available lenses and specific photographic interests).

Requirements: Canon EOS DSLR / Canon or Canon compatible lens for Canon EOS and a memory card.

Cost: R1 250 per delegate - Three session (up to five hours each) - in Milnerton, Cape Town.

Method of PaymentEFT Payment Only>>

25% discount will apply for any future photography training / bookings with Vernon Chalmers Photography private training / or group workshops.

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