01 January 2022

Landscape Photography Training Milnerton

Landsscpe Long Exposure Photography Training Cape Town Vernon Chalmers Copyright 01

Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Training Milnerton, Woodbridge Island

Vernon Chalmers facilitates beginner / intermediate level Landscape / Seascape / Long Exposure Training Courses at Milnerton and Woodbridge Island, Cape Town - with guided sunrise and sunset shooting sessions.

Training Dates: To be confirmed with individual delegates

Delegates are welcome to attend Sunrise and / or Sunset Sessions.

Training Cost: R2 450 per delegate for up to four sessions (two to three practicals)

Self Catering Accommodation Milnerton
Vernon Chalmers photography training is facilitated from a self-catering apartment in Arnhem, Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) with an option for local and international photographers to overnight during the various training sessions. Optional accommodation will be calculated at reduced rates into the Photography Training Proposal / Invoicing. More Information

Photography Training Gift Voucher
Landscape / Long Exposure training is available as a Birthday / Christmas Gift training option with a one year validity period. It could also form part of general Canon camera training option as well. More information

Method of PaymentPayment Options>>

Booking: Contact Vernon Chalmers 

25% discount for delegates who made any previous booking(s) via the Vernon Chalmers Website

Membership to the Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Workshop Cape Town Support Group

Delegates during a Landscape / Long Exposure Workshop Milnerton Beach Photo Credit Steve Williams
Delegates during a Landscape / Long Exposure Workshop Milnerton Beach
Training Objective / Training Level
For assisting the developing photographer with the understanding and application of intermediate to advanced landscape / long exposure settings and techniques (with ongoing Landscape Photography Training support).

At the end of the workshop / practical sessions you should be able to understand / grasp the techniques required to get the most from your own gear / and take your own photography to the next (more advanced) level. 

For Canon APS-C / Full-Frames DSLR bodies / lenses
The Landscape / Long Exposure Workshop will start with exposure / focus settings with reference to APS-C and Full Frame bodies) and then up to three practical sessions at Woodbridge Island / Milnerton Beach: a sunset session and again at sunrise and / or sunset session. Delegates are welcome to attend all three practical sessions.

Workshop Contents / Learning Areas
  • Introduction 
  • Camera Bodies / Lenses 
  • Camera / Lens Settings 
  • Exposure / Focus Settings 
  • Long Exposure Techniques
  • Tripods / Remote Releases
  • Filters Overview / Application 
  • Composition Guidelines
  • Introduction to Landscape Panoramas
  • Copyright / Online & Social Media Publishing
  • Practical Sessions (Milnerton Beach / Woodbridge Island)

Canon DSLR Camera Body / Lens Requirements
Any Canon EOS DSLR camera body with an ultra-wide / wide angle lens in ie. 10-18 / 18-55 / 18-135mm focal length APS-C format or Full Frame ie.16-35 / 24-70 / 24-105mm focal length will be suitable. Feel free to contact me if you're not sure.

A sturdy tripod will be mandatory for the low light / long exposure sessions.

Cost: R950-00 per delegate for up to four sessions

Contact Vernon Chalmers for more information

All Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Workshop Cape Town promotions, bookings, and logistics are facilitated by Vernon Chalmers.

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V&A Waterfront Sunrise - Canon EOS 700D / 18-135mm Lens
V&A Waterfront Sunrise - Canon EOS 700D / 18-135mm Lens

Landscape / Long Exposure Workshop Cape Town - October 2016
Sea Point Sunset - Canon EOS 6D / 16-35mm Lens 

Long Exposure Photography - Milnerton Lagoon (Canon EOS 6D)
Table Mountain / Cape Town Before Sunrise - From Milnerton Beach (Canon EOS 6D)

Long Exposure Photography - Milnerton Lagoon, Cape Town (Canon EOS 6D)

Long Exposure Photography - Milnerton Beach (Canon EOS 700D)
Long Exposure Photography - Milnerton Beach, Cape Town (Canon EOS 700D)

The Wooden Bridge  Woodbridge Island After Sunset (Canon EOS 6D)
The Wooden Bridge  Woodbridge Island, Cape Town - After Sunset (Canon EOS 6D)

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