01 April 2024

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Cape Town

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training  Milnerton, Cape Town

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Cape Town

Macro & Close-Up Flower Photography Training, Kirstenbosch Garden, Cape Town 

Vernon Chalmers facilitates Macro / Close-Up Photography Private Training Classes in Milnerton, Cape Town / Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

This is an opportunity for new photographers / experienced photographers with / without Macro lenses to learn more about Macro / Close-up Photography, exposure settings, techniques and various accessories (close-up filters / extension tubes / flash).

Small Flower Macro / Close-Up Photography >>

You do not have to own a macro lens
to attend this workshop / private training - I will demonstrate various cost-effective ways to capture macro and / or close-up shots (even with your current DSLR and non-macro lens.

Assistance will be provided for purchasing any future macro lenses / macro flash or macro / close-up accessories - even after the workshop / private training.

Flower Photography Training at Kirstenbosch Garden Practical Sessions >>

Cost: R2 300 per person (maximum two people at R2 000 per person) - Three four hour sessions (time to be scheduled around individual delegate requirements for private one-on-one training in Milnerton, Cape Town). 

Different costing will apply for Kistenbosch Garden Practical Photography Sessions.

Photography Learning Objective / Training Level
For assisting the developing photographer with the understanding and application of introductory to intermediate macro  / close-up photography accessories  / exposure settings / photography techniques (with ongoing Macro & Close-Up Photography Training support).

Integrated Hands-On Learning Approach
The workshop will have an integrated hands-on learning approach throughout all sessions (with your own Canon EOS / Canon EOS R gear and / or by using supplied Macro / Close-Up accessories).

Macro / Close-Up Photography Learning Areas
  • Introduction (Macro vs. Close-Up Photography)
  • Macro / Close-Up Subjects (Food, Flower and Insect Photography)
  • Macro vs, non-Macro / Other Lenses
  • Cameras / Lenses / Accessories 
  • Exposure / Focus Settings
  • Macro / Close-Up Techniques
  • Adding Light / Macro Lighting
  • Macro and Speedlite HSS Photography
  • Autofocus vs Manual Focus Options
  • Composition Guidelines

All Macro / Close-Up Photography Workshop promotions, bookings and logistics are facilitated by Vernon Chalmers Photography Training.

Macro and Close-Up Photography may also form part of other modular training (if required). 

Contact me for more Information Vernon Chalmers Photography Training >>

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Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Cape Town
Flowers in the Rain (Canon EOS 70D) : Paddocks Milnerton

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Kirstenbosch
Wild Flower : Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Kirstenbosch Garden

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Cape Town
Flower Close-Up Photography with Canon EOS 700D (Speedlite Flash)

Macro & Close-Up Photography Training Milnerton Cape Town
Small Flower with non-Macro lens and Canon Extension Tube

Macro & Close-Up Photography Workshop Cape Town
Inside a flower: Canon EOS 6D / EF 70-300mm f/5.6L Lens

Small Flower Photography Woodbridge Island
Small Flower Photography Woodbridge Island / Table Bay Nature Reserve

Macro / Close-Up Photography Workshop Cape Town
Red Pepper Macro : Canon EOS 70D / 100mm Macro Lens

Inside a Chocolate Bar : Canon EOS 70D / 100mm Macro Lens

Photography Training Gift Vouchers
Macro & Close-Op Photography training is available as a Birthday / Christmas Gift training voucher option with a one year validity period. It could also form part of general Canon camera training option as well. More information>>

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