01 September 2023

Bird Photography Training Cape Town

Skills Development Course for Bird Photography : Birds in Flight / Perched Birds 

Intaka Island | Kirstenbosch Garden | Woodbridge Island

Bird Photography Workshop Cape Town
Perched Bird Photography Training : Kirstenbosch Garden 

Canon Bird Photography Private Training Workshops Cape Town
Private / one-on-one skills development for Bird Photography : Birds in Flight / Perched Birds (for Canon EOS / EOS R) in Milnerton, Cape Town (opposite Woodbridge Island) for theory and settings with hands-on practical sessions at Intaka Island, Kirstenbosch Garden and /or Woodbridge Inland. 

Bird Training Workshop Objective / Training Level
For assisting the developing photographer with the understanding and application of intermediate to advanced exposure settings and techniques for bird photography (Birds in Flight / Perched Birds).

After the conclusion of selected sessions (workshop) the developing Canon photographer should be comfortable in applying the required technical / autofocus / exposure settings and related techniques to achieve more / extract more value from current gear.

Birds in Flight Photography Training Cape Town (Excluding Perched Birds) >>

Bird Photography Workshop Cape Town
Bird in Flight Photography Training : Intaka Island

What do you need to bring?
Canon EOS / EOS R camera body, lens and your own memory card(s).

Canon Camera Body Requirements
Any Canon EOS / EOS R camera body (Full-Frame or APS-C) with any of the following lenses (any brand ):

Recommended  Lenses  (Range)
  • 70-300mm
  • 100-400mm
  • 100-500mm
  • 150-600mm
  • 300mm  f/2.8 / f/4
  • 400mm  f/2.8 / f/4 / f/5.6
  • 500mm / 600mm / 800mm  f/4 / f/5.6 / f/11

Bird Photography Learning Areas 
  • Bird Photography / Considerations
  • Perched Birds / Birds in Flight
  • Specific Canon EOS / EOS R Overview
  • Lenses / Tele-converters
  • Canon Autofocus (AF) Systems
  • Canon AF System Settings / Tracking
  • Camera / Lens / Exposure Settings
  • Minimum Focus Distance / Depth of Field
  • Environmental Variables
  • Practical Sessions

Bird Photography Training Cost:

R2 250 per delegate for up to three sessions (four hours+ each)

R2 850 per delegate for up to four sessions 
(four hours+ each)

There will be some Lightroom post-processing orientation (if required) and an extra session could be costed in for Lightroom training at more cost effective rate than the separate Lightroom training sessions.

Optional Lightroom Session: Add R500-00 for 1x four hour session

Ongoing Photography Support
All delegates are eligible for WhatsApp / Email Support for uploading / discussing photos, learn more, get online support and / or shoot with me at any of the listed locations.

Photography Training Gift Voucher
Bird Photography Training is available as a Birthday / Christmas Gift training option with a one year validity period. It could also form part of general Canon camera training option as well. More information

Further no-cost fine tuning is available after all three sessions (if required). 

Detailed notes and other relevant information resources will be provided during / after training sessions..

Facilitator: Vernon Chalmers

Contact Vernon Chalmers for bookings / more information

Bird Photography Training Cape Town
Perched Bird Photography Training : Kirstenbosch Garden

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Canon Photography Training Milnerton Woodbridge Island | Kirstenbosch Cape Town | Intaka Island

Bird Photography Workshop Cape Town
Birds in Flight Photography Training Cape Town

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