01 September 2023

Blue Hour Landscape Photography Training Cape Town

Blue Hour Landscape Photography Cape Town / Cape Peninsula

Private Photography Training Courses / Sessions

Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography Training
Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography : Sea Point, Cape Town

Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography Training Milnerton, Cape Town

This offer is available for individual photographers or small group bookings (up to four delegates). With scalable training rates from two to four delegates.

Flexible Training Dates
Sessions to be scheduled with individual delegates / groups in terms of everybody's availability and could be during the week / weekends.

Training Objective: Blue Hour Photography
To assist the developing Canon EOS photographer with mastering landscape and long exposure photography with the main focus on blue hour long exposures working with changing natural light (before sunrise and then sunset and beyond).

Required Equipment
Any Canon DSLR camera with any lens in the 10mm - 70mm focal length range. (i.e. the Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens is more than suitable). A sturdy tripod is a mandatory requirement for long exposure photography.

Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography Training
Woodbridge Island, Cape Town - Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography

Training Duration
Three sessions: one theory / settings session (up to five hours) in my studio training apartment and two practical sessions (one before-sunrise session and one sunset into the night light).

Training Location
All theory / settings / exposure training is facilitated in my training studio apartment in Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island). Practical applications will be around Woodbridge Island / Milnerton beach.

  • Cost per Delegate: R1 850 for the three sessions

Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography Training is also available as a Photography Training Gift Voucher

Learning Areas (theory / setting sessions)
  • Camera / Lens Settings
  • Exposure / Focus Settings
  • Long Exposure Techniques
  • Composition Guidelines
  • Introduction to post-processing (if required)

Delegates will be briefed wrt the two practical sessions in terms of time / weather and other logistics.

Self Catering Accommodation Milnerton
Vernon Chalmers photography training is facilitated from a self-catering apartment in Arnhem, Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) with an option for local and international photographers to overnight during the various training sessions. Optional accommodation will be calculated at reduced rates into the Photography Training Proposal / Invoicing. More Information

Contact Vernon Chalmers for more information (or discussing other requirements).

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Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography Training
Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island - Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography

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