01 April 2024

Substandard Water Management by the City of Cape Town

 Poor / Substandard Wastewater Management by the City of Cape Town

Diep River / Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island

Substandard Wastewater Management by the City of Cape Town

It it still very disponing to regularly read about the ongoing reluctance of the City of Cape Town's lack of genuine interest and / or incompetence to manage the poor sewage conditions in(to) and through the Diep River, Woodbridge Island.

I am convinced of the City of Cape Town's lack of interest, strategy, personnel and / or efficiency to effectively manage this situation. It surprising to read so many publications that there are no mention of handing this (poor) situation over to some real professionals. "Don't tell me there is a CoCT Dr. in charge - I'm not impressed - as he is doing very little to really solve this ongoing problem. Get a professional body of individuals / corporations (from the Private Sector involved.

Theorists. feasibility studies and so-called plans are not going to fix this problem. It is assumingly only pointing out the problem and probable ways for solving the ecological / sewage problem(s). This is why the problem is still not fix. Its doing the work and keeping us informed - and showing / demonstrating sustainable solutions, Writing about how it will be achieved is all I have ever seen - and for that reason most of us living / working here. There is a purpose for research, a purpose for feasibility studies, but it should lead to implementing sustainable ecological solutions.  

The City of Cape Town simply does not have the capacity / competence to deal with this poor / substandard water situation in Milnerton / Woodbridge Island - even the official appointments fall short of the required competencies. It is going on for years now... there is just no real urgency.

It is seriously time to look elsewhere CoCT - your best qualified strategists / officials are not equip to deal with this situation. Look elsewhere for solution(s), We, the residence of Milnerton / Woodbridge Island don't really care), we just want a professional and sustainable solution - which of course is part of your portfolio - please remember that!

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