21 June 2024

Winter Routine and other Interests as updated by Microsoft

 Vermon Chalmers Winter Routine and other Interests as updated by Microsoft

Vermon Chalmers Winter Routine and other Interests as updated by Microsoft

Photography is a significant part, but there are other personal important areas as well.

"Vernon Chalmers, the creator of the Mental Health and Motivation website, delves into the fascinating intersection of emotional wellbeing, neuropsychology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the sense of self. His work encompasses research, resource sharing, and insights that contribute to our understanding of these critical aspects of human experience.

As someone with a personal interest in education, training, and psychology, Chalmers recognizes contemporary neuroscience as a fundamental physiological requirement for gaining insight into cognitive versus emotional decision-making biases and subsequent behavioral responses.

His journey from analytical education to creative training has been shaped by experiences at Intel Corporation, founding Blu-C, and exploring neuropsychology and photography. If you’d like to explore more, you can visit his Mental Health and Motivation website, where he shares valuable resources and reflections." (Source: Microsoft Copilot 2024)

Global Mental Health Reach
Since August 2021 the Mental Health and Motivation website has evolved into an international resource sharing platform for assisting academia, mental health service providers and interested individuals across the world - currently assisting visitors from more than 126 Countries / 50 US States - with various (academic / personal / family / community / military / employment-related) Mental Health and Motivation resources. More than 35 international mental health care institutions / providers are actively promoting related mental health care services and / or content on the Mental Health and Motivation website. (Source: Mental Health and Motivation).

Global Mental Health Recognition
The website is currently recognised in the 'Top 100 Global Mental Health Website / Blog Index 2024' This accolade was also achieved in 2023 (20th). The website's RSS-feed is in the global 17th position at the moment. 1st position currently is the prominent website, NAMI (USA) - National Alliance for Mental Health. (Source: Feedspot).

Full Source / References>> Mental Health and Motivation