01 April 2021

Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Update 2021

Landscape Photography Training Milnerton, Cape Town
Photography Training Milnerton, Cape Town
Offering individual photographers with private and flexible Canon EOS / Photography training classes in Milnerton, Cape Town (opposite Woodbridge Island). 

Training Objective
To assist the developing Canon EOS photographer with an integrated learning approach for mastering the more advanced camera and exposure settings within selected application and genres with any current Canon EOS APS-C or Full-Frame camera (i.e Canon EOS 1300D / 60D / 7D / 6D / 5D or Mirrorless EOS R / M bodies).

Delegates will be able to select specific areas to suite specific photographic applications / genres depending on personal requirements and current / future lens selections. Training may be scheduled over a period of time and does not have to be completed on a specific date.

Flexible Modules
The training will be from any combination of the Canon EOS / Photography training I offer via workshops or private training sessions. All training will be structured around a general Canon EOS Menu / Exposure Modes module and then elective application / genre modules.

Cost for 4x Five Hour Sessions
Training programme cost for 4x five hour sessions - 20 hours (of any of the below training options) R2 450-00 with ongoing technical support.

Specific Learning Areas (to select from)
  • Introduction to Photography / Canon EOS More
  • Birds and flower Photography Kirstenbosch More
  • Birds / Birds in Flight Photography More
  • Landscape / Long Exposure Photography More
  • Macro / Close-Up Photography Workshop More
  • Canon Speedlite / Ring Lite Flash Photography More
  • Digital Workflow / Lightroom Post-Processing More
  • Any combination of above

Image Post Processing
The complete image management / workflow process will be discussed (if required) with an introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC either as an introduction or a hands-on post-processing learning module (depending on delegate genre / module selection).

Duration of the Training
Four sessions of up to five hours per session during the day, evening or Saturday mornings. All training will be inclusive of practical applications (depending on application / genre selection). 

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Birds in Flight Photography Training
Birds in Flight Photography Training Cape Town

Landscape / Seascape Photography Training
Landscape / Seascape Photography Training Cape Town

Action / Motor sport Photography Training
Action / Motor sport Photography Training Cape Town

Fashion / Portraiture Photography Training
Fashion / Portraiture Photography Training Cape Town

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