01 April 2021

Advanced Canon Autofocus Systems - keep it simple...

When it comes to camera Autofocus (AF) configuration(s) and tuning I try and keep settings at their default for as long as possible (will only change the size of the active AF-area).

The image of the the Egyptian goose was only the fourth image that came out of my Canon EOS 7D Mark II soon after its launch about 5 years ago. The week or so before this I tested the same body from Canon South Africa and used the default AF settings - and was more than satisfied with the results.

Setting / EXIF Data of Egyptian Goose Image

Canon EOS 7D Mark II : AI Servo Autofocus / FPS Test
Canon EOS 7D Mark II : AI Servo Autofocus / FPS Test
On the day I received my own body I took it out the box, paired it with my 400mm lens and walked down to the Diep River (Woodbridge Island) and up to today use the same AF settings. I have worked through the numerous configurations of many modern (Canon) AF systems, but have found the default is good to go in most cases.

When I work with new and experienced (Canon) photographers I ask them to return the AF configuration to the default and we shoot for long periods of time just on this (only changing the AF-Points / Zones if required). This extended frame of reference it will assist the photographer to understand future tweaking (if / when required).

Source: Canon EOS 7D Mark II : AI Servo Autofocus / FPS Test