19 November 2023

Intaka Island Google Map | Directions

Intaka Island, Cape Town, Map and Directions

Birds | Birds in Flight Photography Intaka Island

Intaka Island, Cape Town, Map and Directions
African Sacred Ibis at Intaka Island : Copyright Vernon Chalmers

Bird / Birds in flight Intaka Island | Century City, Cape Town
We regularly facilitate the Birds in Flight, Landscape and Macro Photography Workshops in the Eco Centre at Intaka Island, Cape Town. From time to time I facilitate one-one training around (inside the hides) at Intaka Island. 

Intaka Island Address
1 Century City Drive
Century City
Cape Town

Tel: (021) 552 6889

Intaka Island Website

Intaka Island Google Map / Directions
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Intaka Island, Cape Town Public Location / Information Brochure Front

What do do at Intaka Island?

Intaka Island, Cape Town Public Location / Information Brochure Front
Intaka Island, Cape Town Brochure (Front)

Intaka Island, Cape Town Public Location / Information Brochure Back

Intaka Island, Cape Town Public Location / Information Brochure Back
Intaka Island, Cape Town Brochure (Back)

Intaka Island, Cape Town
"Intaka Island is a unique urban wetland and bird sanctuary located in Century City, Cape Town, South Africa. Century City is a mixed-use development that includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Intaka Island was created as a conservation area within this urban environment to provide a habitat for a variety of bird species and other wildlife.

Key features of Intaka Island, Cape Town include:

1. Bird Watching
The island is home to a diverse range of bird species, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers. The island has several bird hides and walking trails where visitors can observe and enjoy the avian residents.

2. Eco-Centre
Intaka Island features an Eco-Centre, which serves as an educational facility. It provides information about the flora and fauna of the wetland, as well as environmental conservation initiatives.

3. Boardwalks and Trails
Visitors can explore the island through a network of boardwalks and trails that meander through the wetland. These pathways offer a peaceful and scenic environment for nature enthusiasts.

4. Canoe Trails
The island has canoe trails that allow visitors to paddle through the waterways, providing a unique perspective of the wetland and its wildlife.

5. Conservation
The primary purpose of Intaka Island is to conserve and protect the natural environment within an urban setting. The wetland plays a crucial role in supporting biodiversity and maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Intaka Island is an example of how urban planning can incorporate green spaces and wildlife conservation into the fabric of a city. It provides a welcome escape for residents and visitors alike, allowing them to connect with nature without having to venture far from the city center." (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

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