01 January 2023

Intaka Island Google Map | Directions

Intaka Island, Cape Town, Map and Directions

Birds | Birds in Flight Photography Intaka Island

Intaka Island, Cape Town, Map and Directions
African Sacred Ibis at Intaka Island : Copyright Vernon Chalmers

Bird / Birds in flight Intaka Island | Century City, Cape Town
We regularly facilitate the Birds in Flight, Landscape and Macro Photography Workshops in the Eco Centre at Intaka Island, Cape Town. From time to time I facilitate one-one training around (inside the hides) at Intaka Island. 

Intaka Island Address
1 Century City Drive
Century City
Cape Town

Tel: (021) 552 6889

Intaka Island Website

Intaka Island Google Map / Directions
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Canon Camera Bird Photography Practical Training Intaka Island Photography Training

Vernon Chalmers Photography Private Training Studio Google Map / Directions

Woodbridge Island (Birds in Flight Photography) Google Map / Directions

Bird Life at Intaka Island Cape Town

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