01 May 2019

Updated: Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Policy

Vernon Chalmers Copyright : Table Mountain from Arnhem, Milnerton
After a challenging week of confronting at least three Tier 1 Cape Town Media, Travel , Tourism establishments (and several globally), who have recently used some of my digital photography images without any permission on their respective websites, I've decided to be more explicit with my image usage / permission(s) policy.

The majority of the images were immediately removed, but there is no excuse for these activities.

Anybody in the South African and international Media, Travel, Tourism and other publishing establishments should be well aware that a digital photograph is classified as artistic works and the creator / photographer is protected by South African and international law.

By authoring this post I'm not by any means implicating any direct Vernon Chalmers Photography Social Media / Facebook visitor and fans for using any image without permission.

From my Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Policy
"All Vernon Chalmers Photography images on Vernon Chalmers owned Websites and associated Social Media Platforms images are copyright protected - all images were commissioned and captured by Vernon Chalmers in various locations in Cape Town, South Africa."

Removal / Copy / Snipping / Downloading / Altering of any copyright protected images are not allowed"

Vernon Chalmers Photography Images on Social Media
"No Vernon Chalmers image may be copied and used for personal or business use without written permission from Vernon Chalmers. Social media will inter alia be Facebook, Twiiter and / or Instagram"

Sharing of a Vernon Chalmers Photography Social Media post with images or individual photographic images without altering the original post in any way is permitted.

Please Contact Me should you / your organisation be interested in using any of my images (if you're not sure of your organisation's publishing guidelines).

Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Policy

Copyright Infringement Warning to Cape Town Photographers

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