09 August 2023

Changes to Adobe Lightroom Training Modules / Sessions

Changes in Adobe Lightroom Training Modules /  Sessions

Please Note: Adobe Lightroom training will no longer be offered by Vernon Chalmers Photography as a separate training module. No further support sessions are available on migrating Lightroom catalogues (and images) between computers (and external drives) during photography sessions and / or specific Lightroom File Import / Processing / Export / and / or other modules.

However, Lightroom will be discussed and demonstrated in all the different photography training genres I currently offer.

Due to other personal Architectural and Design software projects I will facilitate a brief orientation of (my) Lightroom post-processing workflow (at no additional cost) to the photographer participating in any of my Canon photography genre training options.

Other options such as Canon’s free Digital Photo Professional (DPP) post-processing will also be discussed (especially for photographers still deciding which post-processing software to use).

All relevant Vernon Chalmers Photography  website pages will be updated to reflect these changes.

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