11 July 2022

Client Assistance when Purchasing / Replacing Camera Equipment

For Clients in Cape Town / Cape Peninsula / Rest of SA/  Around the World

Client Assistance when Purchasing / Replacing Canon Camera Equipment

Assistance when Purchasing / Replacing Canon Camera Equipment
It could be quite a daunting exercise to decide on replacing a current Canon body and / or EF / EF-S (or compatible) lenses with either another EOS APS-C (Crop) or Full Frame body (or lenses) - or change your entire EOS System to an EOS R Mirrorless body and RF lens System (while retaining some older lenses). There are also a few in-between options.

The objective is to assist the photographer to inform him or her on my recommendations / thoughts on various options and combinations that could potentially function best with current and future photography requirements.

Please note that any of my photography training clients (from over the past 10 years) are welcome to WhatsApp me free of any charges on the following WhatsApp Number should you require any advice and or recommendation(s) on your camera equipment.

I may not always be immediately available to answer your question(s) or respond to your request(s), but will do so as soon as I am available. I will make contract with you for discussing your specific questions, requests and / or concerns.

Please note that I do not sell any new or used Canon equipment (on behalf of anyone else) and do not make any specific recommendations on any retailers where you should purchase / sell / trade-in your Canon equipment (or compatible accessories).

Attached Image: Swift tern above the Diep River / Woodbridge Island (© Vernon Chalmers)

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