31 December 2022

Thoughts on Atmospheric Conditions for Photographers

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Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers: Notes on planning and application for the serious photographer
Notes on Planning and Application for the Serious Photographer - Copyright Vernon Chalmers

Earlier this morning I posted about a question of any 'Photoshop' applied in one of my in-flight images - with the intention of asking if the image was manipulated in any way.

Read: Bird in Flight image photoshopped or not?

As a photographer I am a little concerned that people would think like that, but nevertheless see it as a compliment - especially where the photographer planned for achieving specific results.

For my own birds in flight photography around Woodbridge Island, Cape Town I look at two environmental variables very seriously: (i) available morning light and (ii) atmospheric conditions (wind / sun / clouds et al) before going out for a session.

My 'check' for best value photography is seen in the attached image: for the absolute best conditions this is what I look / plan for (when I look out the window). So its quite possible that some people may think Photoshop played any role in the outcome of certain images.

Unfortunately, days like this on the image is far and few between. I wait it out and when the going is good, I get going. It doesn't mean we don't should around here in any other conditions.

It is also important to note that the serious photographer should be able to shoot in many different light conditions. Light is probably our biggest advantage, but without appropriate light, the challenges will increase thinking and planning (without rushing out to purchase higher-quality equipment).

We all use different levels of post-processing . I believe the serious photographer will (only) attempt to improve the well-planned shot in terms of slight adjustment(s) in the exposure and / or the composition, without altering the original 'naturalness' of the image.

Image created with Canon EOS 700D / Canon EF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens (on Manfrotto Compact tripod) from Arnhem Milnerton towards the main bridge at Woodbridge Island, Cape Town.

© Vernon Chalmers Photography

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