31 January 2017

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Invitation to Cape Town Photographers
Invitation to photographers who wants to post and view quality architecture / nature / landscape photographs of Cape Town and the Western Cape with Film, DSLR, Compact Camera and / or Camera Phone. Please read the Cape Town / Western Cape Group Guidelines in the Facebook Group.

Inviting anybody to view and share quality architecture / nature photos of our beautiful city and the Western Cape. Image quality is a very important quality in viewing any photograph and therefore the objective should be to try and post your best architecture / nature / landscape photos possible.

Cape Town / Western Cape Photography is a photography enthusiast community dedicated for sharing and discussing quality images of Cape Town and the Western Cape's indigenous / natural environments. Also a platform for new photographers keen to learn more / ask questions.

Goal and Objectives
A non-commercial group supporting Cape Town and Western Cape photo enthusiasts and photographers with the following:

  • Providing a quality photo sharing and learning platform 
  • Sharing of supported photography genres / related images 
  • Discussing photographic knowledge / skills and related camera settings 
  • Assisting new photographers with related camera / shooting knowledge and skills 

Supported Photography Genres
The listed genres for image publication / album uploads should be applied to the main Group theme (Cape Town / Western Cape photos) and should be of viewing value to the wider group audience in terms of mutual interest and quality standards ( regardless of the camera you are using - Film SLR / DSLR / Compact / Smartphone):

  • Architecture
  • Fauna / flora
  • Landscape (nature / land / seascapes)
  • Macro (nature)
  • Night (architecture / nature)
  • Street portraits / scenes
  • Wildlife
* Admin reserves the right to remove any image without prior notification.

Minimum EXIF Data
Please add at least ISO / Aperture and / or Shutter Speed with descriptions. You don't need to repeat it on every image. Only in your main description if uploading more than one. Posts without EXIF data will be deleted, but I will provide enough time for the poster to republish +- 3 hours (only for new members).

Image Quality
Image quality is an important criteria when uploading any photos to this group and therefore the objective should be to try and post your best captures possible (to ensure good viewing value for everybody).

NB!! External Sharing into the group
Please use discretion when sharing your external photos - it is recommended that all relevant EXIF data is provided (as with most of the images in the Group). Photos not meeting minimum sharing / publishing criteria will be deleted without notification.

Content other than personal images will be deleted
Only publish / share your own images. Please do not make new posts with external Facebook Page links other than reference to your own images. You're welcome to make reference to other content / online learning material in discussions with other members, but not as a new post.

Image duplication
Take care not to post the same image twice (except when used in a comment illustrating / asking a question). We look at all images and if any duplicates will delete them. Duplicates will be deleted asap after spotting them.

Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC)
Try and keep images as close as possible to 'Straight Out Of Camera'. Your eye, encouraged subject, and the natural colours of Cape Town / Western Cape will be more than good enough. Use discretion in post-processing to retain the natural colours of your subject(s).

Editing and Post-Processing

Post-processing of images (in editing software) should be used with the photographer's discretion to retain the natural colour qualities of the subject / subjects in composition(s). We welcome ie. HDR and panoramic stitching, but try and maintain the natural beauty of our beautiful city and provincial surrounds.

For Beginners: Uploading photos for learning
If you're new to photography do not hesitate to post your photos. Just let us know you're a beginner (in your post) and if need assistance with setting / general photography. Many of the members will assist you asap. In this way everybody knows.

To Upload or Not To Upload...
It is not mandatory to post / upload any photos. Do it in your own time when you're ready.

Publishing Camera / Photo InformationPlease share minimum camera / lens / phone / location information such as brand and other settings if available (Aperture / ISO / Shutter). If you don't know please ask before / when you post.

Examples of required / recommended information:

Location ie. Hout Bay

DSLR example camera / lens Info:

  • Canon EOS 700D / 18-135mm IS STM lens
  • Av mode f/11 ISO 100 Shutter Speed 2 seconds
  • Tripod

Compact camera example:

  • Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
  • Av mode f/2.7 ISO 200
  • Handheld

Asking Questions
Anybody is also welcome to post questions to the group or Admins to answer. You don't have to post it with an image, just ask a question re general camera / lens / photography settings.

Brand / Product / Service Marketing or Promotion

Please refrain from deliberate brand, product, service promotion for any other purpose than naming your camera / lens and related accessories.

Requesting assistance
Please only create new posts when requiring photographic skill / camera assistance. Posts will be deleted without any prior communication (Admin discretion). This does not affect photo uploads / Creating Albums.

Please use discretion when adding / sharing any other content other than your own photos, comments and questions.

Administrator / Moderator: Vernon Chalmers

Blacksmith Plover / Kiewiet in the Fog Woodbridge Island - Canon EOS 7D Mark II / 400mm Lens
Blacksmith Plover / Kiewiet in the Fog Woodbridge Island - Canon EOS 7D Mark II / 400mm Lens