20 January 2017

Social Media Photo, Image Management / SEO Workshops Cape Town

Social Media Photo, Image Management / SEO Workshops Cape Town
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Social Media Photo, Image Management / SEO Training Cape Town

This onsite corporate workshop / consulting addresses photography / image management / Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for websites, blogs and various Social Media platforms.

Many [Photography] websites / blogs are poorly optimised and / or owners don't know the SEO opportunities that are presented by adding images / photos.

Purpose of the Workshop
Proving website, blog or Facebook Page managers with insight and guidance on how to manage and apply images / photos / videos on selected websites, blog and Social Media channels / online advertising.

This workshop is an opportunity for leveraging the search engine and sharing potential of selected photos, images [and video] across various online / Social Media platforms.

Internet Marketing / SEO / Social Media for Photographers

Also an opportunity for Cape Town / Western Cape photographers to learn best practices for publishing and marketing personal brands / images online via various Internet Marketing / SEO / Social Media website and / or channel deployments.

Onsite pre-workshop no-cost visit [Cape Town / Cape Peninsula]
Workshops are generally facilitated over one, two or three days (in the Cape Town / Cape Peninsula area).

Free 3 months online / email support after workshop

Current City: Cape Town / Western Cape (other areas negotiable)

Who should attend

  • Photographers
  • Photography entrepreneurs
  • Facebook Page managers
  • Marketing practitioners
  • PR practitioners
  • Webmasters

Tailored Approach
Workshops to be structured around specific corporate requirements in terms of individual learning levels, corporate strategy and specific target markets.

Specific Strategy / Learning Areas

  • Photo / image / [video] strategy, selection and placement 
  • Social Media channels / channel selection 
  • Photography for websites / blogs / Social Media 
  • Using photos / images for social Media advertising 
  • SEO for photos / keywords selection
  • Photo / image sharing and copyright protection 
  • Mobile / App opportunities (Photo Sharing)  
  • Image / photo Analytics
  • SEO / Search Marketing adjustments

Contact Vernon Chalmers for more workshop information.

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