20 June 2023

Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island Current Water Levels

Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island Water Levels

Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island Current Water Levels
Snapshot - Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Quick view on the current water levels captured from my desk in my Arnhem home / office (opposite Woodbridge Island, Milnerton).

Over the weekend the water levels in front of the houses on the river bank was right up to the brim - at one stage I thought it could overflow (never really felt / looked like that before in about 10+ years).
It subsided a bit the last 24 hours, but with more torrential rain it could go over the brim and potentially hit the houses. So hopefully there is less rain on the way.

At one stage (over the weekend) it looked if a canoe with a rower inside would not be able to pass underneath the main bridge - unless her or she was lying flat in the canoe.

The Diep River water levels are also looking a bit lower towards Milnerton High and the Paddocks shopping centre. I saw a body of water across the road from the centre over the weekend that I've never seen there ever before.  

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