04 December 2022

Follow-up on the Real Estate Photography Project

Real Estate Photography / Interior Decor Cape Town
Earlier in the week I made reference to my formal entry into real estate photography. This has now become a much bigger project than what I have previously envisaged.

Although I am not entirely new to interior real estate photography (Arnhem, Milnerton) I had to follow my own advice in Cape Town of first taking a complete series of 'record shots' (and more) – in interior environments which were totally different than my own expectations.

Important Real Estate Photography criteria
  • The practice of modern and stylish interior photography is much more than just placing the tripod at certain angles for capturing décor, interior space(s), colours and available (ambient) light. 
  • What the eyes see via the camera’s Live View LCD screen is not necessarily the same view that will be displayed on a computer screen (in preparation for RAW post-processing). 
  • Balancing available light (with interior décor / space) is one of the most important considerations (and challenge) for this type of photography genre.
  • Working with an interior décor stylist / co-ordinator throughout the entire process provides the photographer with focus on specific areas of aesthetic importance and required attention to detail. 
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I know the client quite well and quickly assessed the required detailed expectations, aesthetics and various image objectives. Working with an interior décor stylist who creatively defined requirements and current / future objectives (wrt other properties) made the shoot more focused and relaxed.

The primary camera and lens combination I settled with for the final shoot this coming week is the Canon EOS 6D / EF 16-35mm f/4 IS USM lens ultra-wide angle lens. The EF 24-70mm lens is too limited for the larger spaces. I may use my EF prime lenses (50 - 85mm focal length range) for capturing specific 'framed' features.

Attached record image: quick handheld (no Speedlite flash) with Canon EOS 6D / EF 16-35mm lens

Real Estate Photography Project : Staircase
Real Estate Photography Cape Town : Staircase with Canon EOS 6D / 16-35mm Lens

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