10 April 2017

Macro & Close-Up Photography Cape Town Support Group


Macro & Close-Up Photography Cape Town Support Facebook Group

Invitation to registered delegates of the Macro & Close-Up Photography Cape Town Workshops

Photographers who have attended any of our Macro & Close-Up Photography Workshop Cape Town in the past (or about to attend and is registered / confirmed) are welcome to join this Facebook Support Group for uploading photos, learn more, and for getting online support.

The Macro & Close-Up Photography Support Group is a private photography enthusiast community dedicated to the continuous practice and support for any Macro / Close-Up Photography workshop delegate who has attended the Workshop in the past.

Macro / Close-Up Photography Support
Any registered delegate who has attended the Macro & Close-Up Photography Workshop is welcome to post images and / or request any support with regard to macro / close-up images and / or related camera gear.

Goal and Objectives of the Support Group
A closed / private Facebook Group assisting delegates of the Vernon Chalmers / Jacques Myburgh Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Cape Town Workshops with ongoing skills development and hands-on support in terms of:

  • Photo sharing, learning and Q&A platform
  • Discussing relevant knowledge / skills and related settings
  • New gear purchasing assistance / guidance (no sales)
  • One-on-one facilitation for fine-tuning camera / lens settings
  • Post-processing advice and guidance

Minimum EXIF Data
(when uploading images)
Please add at least ISO / Aperture and Shutter Speed with body / lens ID. You don't need to repeat it on every image. Only in your main description if uploading more than one. You're also welcome to just ask a question.

Image Quality
Image quality is not essential - more important is asking questions and sharing various elements of your Landscape Photography learning process.

NB!! External Sharing into the group

Please use discretion when sharing your external photos - it is recommended that all relevant EXIF data is provided (as with most of the images in the Group).
Content other than personal images

Only publish / share your own images
Please do not make new posts with external Facebook Page links other than reference to your own images. You're welcome to make reference to other content / online learning material in discussions with other members, but not as a new post.

Publishing Camera / Photo Information

Please share minimum camera / lens / phone / location information such as brand and other settings if available (Aperture / ISO / Shutter). If you don't know please ask before / when you post.

Asking Questions
Anybody is also welcome to post questions to the group or Admins to answer. You don't have to post it with an image, just ask a question re general camera / lens / photography settings.

Brand / Product / Service Marketing or Promotion
Please refrain from deliberate brand, product, service promotion for any other purpose than naming your camera / lens and related accessories.
Please use discretion when adding / sharing any other content other than your own photos, comments and questions.

Admin / Moderators: Vernon Chalmers / Jacques Myburgh

Macro & Close-Up Photography Cape Town Support Group
Canon EOS 70D / EF 100mm Macro Lens

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