21 November 2016

Vernon Chalmers Photography Workshops Cape Town - Nov 2016

Canon EOS 7D Mark II / 400mm Lens
Upcoming Photography Workshops Cape Town
Vernon Chalmers will be facilitating five workshops at Intaka Island Century City, Cape Town and Woodbridge Island, Milnerton Cape Town during September - November 2016.

25% Discount on Future Workshops
Anybody that made a previous workshop booking via the Vernon Chalmers website will receive a 25% discount towards listed Photography Workshops (excluding the Canon Speedlite Flash Workshop, but booking for the workshop will entitle delegates a 25% discount on future 2016 - 2017 bookings).

Birds in Flight Photography Workshop Cape Town (Completed)
22 / 23 / 24 / 25 September 2016 Intaka Island  / Woodbridge Island
Cost: R650 - R850 (25 max)
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Macro / Close-Up Photography Workshop Cape Town
15 October 2016 (Full Day) Intaka Island Cape Town
Cost: R850 (20 max)
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Canon Speedlite / Ring Lite Flash Photography Workshop Cape Town
17 November 2016 Intaka Island Cape Town
Cost: R350 (25 max)
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Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Workshop Cape Town
24 & 26 November 2016 Intaka Island / Woodbridge Island Cape Town
Cost: R485 (20 max)
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Book Giveaways / Photo Competitions
All listed workshops will either have a photography book giveaway or a photo competition.

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