10 December 2023

Important Notice to Vernon Chalmers International Clients / Guests

Photography Training and Accommodation Booking | Payment Procedures

Important Notice to Vernon Chalmers International Clients | Guests

Vernon Chalmers Location: Milnerton, Western Cape, South Africa

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I receive regular Photography and Accommodation bookings from abroad. Herewith some important booking / payment procedures for prospective international clients or guests viewing the Vernon Chalmers Photography or Accommodation websites to assist with itinerary decisions.

International Pricing for Photography Tours / Training
I do not charge different rates from my local South African Rand (ZAR) currency (as specified on my websites / Social Media posts). All international currency quotations, proposals and invoices are directly quoted against any international currency on any business day/ or end of financial week (if requested over a weekend). All quotes, proposals and invoices will specify the ZAR value and adjacent the international currency of choice.

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Vernon Chalmers Photography International Payments
Unfortunately I do not accept any Paypal fund transfers. All international quotations, invoices and / or proposals will have all my required international banking / Inward Payment required information for wire transfers / payments. Any prospective international client is welcome to Contact me for any additional information. I am currently investigating other means of direct cost-effective transfers, but prefer the above wire payment option.

A recent Dollar wire transfer into my bank account processed in less 12 hours to clear via my bank's Inward Payment department. The complete process from releasing the $ funds until receipt in ZAR into my account was well-documented and secure.

Note: For international Photography Tours and Training I require 21-30 days notice for a booking. This is mainly due to my personal availability. Should I be available I will prepare the required quotation, invoice or proposal as soon as possible with a 50% payment due within 5 working days (due to currency fluctuations) and the balance of payment due before arrival. The second payment will be fixed at the rate of the first 50%. A ZAR cash payment for the second 50% will also be accepted. Contact me for discussing transaction / payment detail.

Vernon Photography Training Gift Vouchers
Photography Training Gift Vouchers will follow the same international payment procedures as Photography Training and Tours. The only difference is that a 100% payment is required on Gift Voucher purchase. 

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Vernon Chalmers / Self-Catering Accommodation Bookings
For International guests (my Blu-C Self-Catering Accommodation Apartment only) I strongly recommend to use one of my hosting partners. Booking.com or Travelground. Both of these agencies use the same rates and both are synched with the same calendar in terms of  reservation availability. The rates quotes should be international (in the country the booking enquiry is made from). Again, this rate is 100% equivalent to the ZAR rate local guests pay for their booking via the same hosting partners.

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Combined Photography Training / Accommodation Booking Packages
This will depend on availability and specific requirements. Rates will be calculated as I would normally calculate any local quotation, invoice or proposal - with the international currency (exchange rate specified). The payment 50% / 50% process and payment requirements will be the same as my Photography quotations, proposals or invoices. It is strongly recommend to contact me at least 30 to 90 days in advance to enquire about this option.

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