01 March 2023

Photography Training Assessment and Review

Metacognitive Assessment and Review Opinion: Photography Training and Development

Metacognitive Assessment and Review Opinion: Photography Training and Development
Vernon Chalmers Photography Workshop Practical Cape Town : Photo Credit: Steve Williams
Over the past 10 years I have spent many hours with hundreds of enthusiast photographers in their pursuit to learn more about camera settings, exposure, composition, light, post-processing and other (awareness) challenges in their image making expectations and / or results.

During the next couple of months I will be pursuing a non-empirical, but with close correlation, a qualitative (non-supervised) research article, assessing [the] various ways of how the contemporary enthusiast photographer appears to prioritise, plan and process learning objectives, cognitive flow and creative / perceptual influences in applying his / her craft.

I am fascinated by the proposition in attaining an objective, but deeper understanding of how the developing enthusiast photographer measures personal achievement and value visual satisfaction (and perceived success) in the art and science of photography.

I've had an engaging career in the training and development of tertiary students / adult learners across a wide range of subjects. Most of my training, development and research assessments were for various academic institutions - predominantly in the faculties of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences (up to various post-graduate levels). More here >>

The photography training assessment and review project will therefore also be inclusive of a fundamental pedagogic assessment orientation with emphasis on creating assumptions (rather than the development of a hypothesis) of the adult learner's challenges in improving cognition, behaviour, skills and creative ability.

For more than a year I’ve mulled over these fundamental questions and finally arrived at a stage to prepare an informal research abstract for exploring the many different image making expectations, learning challenges and creative application processes that is important to the individual enthusiast photographer for maintaining personal interest, self-development and visual perspective in whatever genre and / or subject choice(s).

Disclaimer: The research opinion title, formal abstract and rationale may vary from the above articulation and interpretation of my original research interest / questions.

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Photography Training Assessment and Review
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