01 February 2023

Private Vernon Chalmers Photography Workshop March 2023

Update: Vernon Chalmers Photography Private Training Workshop and Beyond

Private Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Workshop March 2023
Red-Knobbed Coot : Diep River / Woodbridge Island 

It has been confirmed today that I will be facilitating a private Birds / Bird in Flight group workshop for a historically well-established Photographic Society in the Cape Peninsula during March 2023.

What is the impact on current VCP Canon EOS R / EOS one-on-one camera / photography training clients?

There should not be too much impact during February bookings, but it could affect overflow / practical sessions in March 2023 due to research, preparation and the actual workshop schedule.

This will be a multi-brand camera workshop, (not just Canon) and therefore I will be required to research all other available camera brands (ito of contemporary camera bodies, autofocus systems, lenses and optional accessories for meeting the confirmed workshop objectives) and also Canon / other brands product roadmap(s) ito technology; bodies, lenses, appropriate accessories etc.

I am looking forward to this group facilitation and it may just pave the way to kick-start the VCP group workshops (up to 25 delegates) again in Birds / Birds in Flight / Landscape / Macro & Close-Up / Speedlight Flash Photography for predominantly Canon photographers (EOS / EOS R APS-C / Full Frame bodies).

The last three VCP workshops (theory modules: Birds in Flight / Landscape / Macro & Close-Up Photography) at the Environmental Centre Intaka Island were unfortunatly cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. I’m giving this some serious thought again and will be in discussion with various stakeholders over the next few months.

My friend and most valued workshop co-presenter, Joseph Inns, is not with us anymore and these public workshop initiates will have to be managed, for the first time, without his pragmatic sense of photography education and training.

Camera and Photography theory modules 2023 / 2024 may not necessarily be facilitated at Intaka Island.

Interested in attending a Vernon Chalmers Photography Public Workshops?

Anyone interested in attending a public VCP workshop (Canon or other brands) please contact me through the Contact Me / WhatsApp / Messenger options on the website.

Media Release: Vernon Chalmers Photography Training (31/1/2023)

Image Above: As cool as a red-knobbed coot (Diep River / Woodbridge Island). With Canon EOS 7D Mark II / EF 400mm f/5/6L USM lens

Image Below: African sacred ibis in flight (Intaka Island Cape Town). With Canon EOS 7D Mark II / EF 400mm f/5/6L USM lens

Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Intaka Island | Kirstenbosch Garden | Woodbridge Island

African Sacred Ibis  Intaka Island Cape Town Vernon Chalmers
African Sacred Ibis in Flight : Intaka Island Cape Town