30 June 2022

Updated: Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Policy

Updated: Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Policy
Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright  / Intellectual Property Policy

Copyright / Intellectual Property Policy Index:
  • Summary
  • Copyright / Intellectual Property Protection
  • Image Locations
  • Image Copyright and Media / Press Releases
  • Images for Canon South Africa
  • Crediting of VCP Images
  • Images not For Sale
  • Sharing images on Social Media
  • Using images without permission
  • Legal Consideration / Consequences
  • Contact Vernon Chalmers

Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright / 
Intellectual Property Policy Summary
All Vernon Chalmers Photography images on Vernon Chalmers owned websites and associated Social Media Platforms are the intellectual property of Vernon Chalmers, Cape Town, South Africa - all images are photographed by Vernon Chalmers in various locations across Cape Town (and the Western Cape), South Africa. Any image / photograph on the Vernon Chalmers Photography website not commissioned or photographed by Vernon Chalmers will be the copyright of such commissioner with copyright clearly identified with regard to rightful ownership of the image (and the required permission for display and / or promotional purposes). 

Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright Protection
Any Vernon Chalmers Photography image with / without any copyright identification symbol is the legal ownership and intellectual property of Vernon Chalmers (unless otherwise identified on and / or below a commissioned image or promotional product / Canon sample image not captured by Vernon Chalmers (i.e. for promotional purposes for Canon Europe / Canon UK / Canon Global / Canon SA / Canon USA).

© Symbol Image: Royalty Free from Pixabay 

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