01 January 2022

Canon Camera Field Testing Cape Town

Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town
Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town
Canon EOS Field Testing Service Cape Town

R500-00 for up to three hours Field Testing and general settings discussion / improvement recommendations (one Canon EOS body and up to two lenses).

Field Testing Location
Arnhem, Milnerton
Woodbridge Island
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I get a fair amount of questions from photographers that are not satisfied with Autofocus (AF) and sharpness / image quality of their Canon EOS body and specific lens pairings.

In many minds proper lens calibration is the the first (and at times the only) solution that most photographers think about after spending countless hours on their own in trying to fix this problem.

Calibration Options
Calibration can be done by the photographer via an in-camera Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) procedure (if the body is embedded with this function - only higher-end enthusiast / professional bodies will have this option). There are different calibration software options available than can be used for doing your own AFMA or you can go to i.e. ORMS who offers a lens calibration service of +- R2 500-00 per lens.

I understand this frustration many photographers experience and for many of  my photography clients I offer assistance in the form of Field Testing various body / lens pairings (as part of the training they are doing).

Field Testing Objective
Field Testing is the identification of focus problems, possible sharpness and other image quality issues that may be the result of improper AF and general exposure settings for a variety of genres / subjects during a practical photography application session. Field Testing is not a replacement for lens calibration. Calibration may be an option after field testing if the recommended settings and adjustments does not meet expectations.

Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town
Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town
Field Testing Performance / Sharpness Standards

With more than 10 years of experience with many different Canon EOS (R) bodies and EF / RF lenses I have a good understanding what the AF and sharpness standards of these body / lens pairings should be.

Personally, I've never required the need for any lens calibrations (on any of my Canon EOS bodies / EF lenses) and it is very seldom that I recommend lens calibration of any kind - as most of the problems are solved with proper AF / exposure settings.

Instead of carrying out meticulous and time consuming lens testing (and possible tuning) with test charts I prefer Field Testing - where the camera / lens will ultimately be used. Evaluation of Field Testing via a thorough Adobe Lightroom image analysis is enough evidence for providing insight of AF performance and expected sharpness / or lack of sharpness.

In my opinion a thorough Field Testing session would be able to identify any possible calibration requirements (should there indeed be definite AF / sharpness issues). Most of the time it is a combination of improper AF/ exposure settings and other in-camera settings. 

Field Testing Procedure
This is a walk around here at Woodbridge Island with the photographer and his / her lens pairing concentrating on various subjects to replicate general conditions where different ISO's, Apertures and Shutter Speeds are applied in relations to various AF Mode settings. Field Testing results will depend on AF Mode selection, weather conditions and distance to subject. On return to my photography training studio after the Field Testing I will go through the images on Adobe Lightroom with the photographer for initial AF / sharpness result observation.

Field Testing Report
At the end of the Field Testing I prepare a report which will be discussed / sent to the photographer. In this report I will evaluate different images against my own benchmark expectation of what sharpness should be. Further recommendations will be offered in terms of AF and exposure settings - and if I think calibration should be considered for improved sharpness.

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Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town
Canon EOS Camera Field Testing Service Cape Town

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