14 February 2024

For the Developing / New Photographer

Its not necessarily the quality of the camera, but more often the subject in front of the lens that 'captures' an audience.

Grey heron walking the Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island
Grey heron walking the Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island

This image of the grey heron 'walking with an attitude' was created more than 10 years ago with my oldest camera / lens. Its been my most liked and talked about image ever since.

At the time (as a developing photographer), I was more concerned with image quality and post-processing). I have since then learned that chasing the light and patience are far more important...

I've never been asked with what camera / lens I've created this image. Its not the best quality image against many standards, but it resonates with many people in terms of various (human) behaviours and characteristics - it tells a story.

With Canon EOS 700D / EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens at the Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island

2022 Update

Over the years this image has gained thousands of Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) likes and comments around the world via a few posts I've made in an attempt to just share this unexpected moment in time.

Here is an update of one of these posts on my Mental Health and Motivation website about the 'Walking Grey Heron" - this particular post of the grey heron was shared to a Birdlife South Africa Facebook Group.

A Special Moment of Gratitude >>

Taking advantage of good natural light View

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