21 March 2019

My most liked bird image from Woodbridge Island

'Grey Heron Stepping-out' - Woodbridge Island, Cape Town
'Grey Heron Stepping-out' - Woodbridge Island, Cape Town
Sometimes is not the camera or the lens, but rather an interesting subject, pose or story.

For me, its not really (always) about the gear, but what I can achieve with whatever body / lens is in my hands. Of course, planned body and lens selection for a specific genre should improve the photographer's expected outcome...

Of all my bird images, this image (over a few years) returned thousands of Likes (and very interesting comments) on a variety of Facebook Pages - much to my surprise.

The image is of rather poor quality - captured at distance with an EOS 700D and a first generation EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens many years ago.

I was not even aware of the shot until a few days later. Out of curiosity I posted the image to see if there would be any interest - and without doubt this image is still the most liked and commented photograph out of any of my cameras.

Source: Woodbridge Island Bird Species

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