01 June 2018

Grey heron in early morning light... Woodbridge Island

The Grey heron in flight was captured with the Canon EOS 700D and EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM lens over the Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island.

Quality of Light
For me, at the time, the quality of light was most important. A fast shutter speed came in handy as well. This was a JPG image straight out of camera with minimal cropping (if any).

Camera / Lens Settings
Tv Mode: Auto-ISO 1600 / f/9.5 / 1/2000s / Lens IS off / 190mm

Staring out with birds in flight photography at Woodbridge Island
Most DSLR's on continuous shooting modes, relatively fast shutter speeds and lenses with a 300mm focal length is suitable to shoot with at the Milnerton Lagoon, the Diep river and the adjacent Table Bay Nature Reserve.

Grey Heron in Flight - Woodbridge Island / Cape Town
Grey Heron in Flight - Woodbridge Island, Milnerton  / Cape Town

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