01 May 2018

Birds In Flight Photography Cape Town Support Group


Birds In Flight Photography Cape Town Support Facebook Group

Invitation to registered delegates of the Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town Workshops
Photographers who have attended any of my Bird in Flight / Action Photography Workshops Cape Town in the past (or about to attend and is registered / confirmed) are welcome to join this Facebook Support Group for uploading photos, learn more, get online support and / or shoot with us at Woodbridge Island (after the original workshop practicals). 

The Birds In Flight Photography Cape Town Support Group is a private photography enthusiast community dedicated to the continuous practice and support for any Birds in Flight Photography workshop delegate who has attended the Birds in Flight Workshop in the past.

Past delegatesYou're welcome to directly join the Support Group. We will asap accept requests from all previous Birds in Flight Cape Town workshop delegations.

Current DelegatesAfter your workshop payment you will receive an email invitation to join / be added into the group.

Regular Shoots at Woodbridge Island (for fine-tuning skills)
Any registered delegate who has attended the Birds in Flight Workshop and is a member of the Support Group is welcome to join us on weekends for a walkabout, to learn more, ask questions or just for testing equipment. There is no cost, just keep an eye on the group for updates about possible shoots.

Goal and Objectives: Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town Support Group

A closed / private Facebook Group assisting delegates of the Vernon Chalmers / Jacques Myburgh Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town Workshops with ongoing skills development and hands-on support in terms of:
  • Photo sharing, learning and Q&A platform
  • Discussing relevant knowledge / skills and related settings
  • New gear purchasing assistance / guidance (no sales)
  • Regular group shooting opportunities at Woodbridge Island
  • One-on-one facilitation for fine-tuning camera / lens settings
  • Post-processing advice and guidance 

Minimum EXIF Data
Please add at least ISO / Aperture and / or Shutter Speed with descriptions. You don't need to repeat it on every image. Only in your main description if uploading more than one.

Image Quality
Image quality is not essential - more important is asking questions and sharing various elements of your Birds in Flight learning process.

NB!! External Sharing into the group
Please use discretion when sharing your external photos - it is recommended that all relevant EXIF data is provided (as with most of the images in the Group).

Content other than personal images

Only publish / share your own images. Please do not make new posts with external Facebook Page links other than reference to your own images. You're welcome to make reference to other content / online learning material in discussions with other members, but not as a new post.

Publishing Camera / Photo Information
Please share minimum camera / lens / phone / location information such as brand and other settings if available (Aperture / ISO / Shutter). If you don't know please ask before / when you post.

Asking Questions
Anybody is also welcome to post questions to the group or Admins to answer. You don't have to post it with an image, just ask a question re general camera / lens / photography settings.

Brand / Product / Service Marketing or Promotion

Please refrain from deliberate brand, product, service promotion for any other purpose than naming your camera / lens and related accessories.

Please use discretion when adding / sharing any other content other than your own photos, comments and questions.

Administrator / Moderator: Vernon Chalmers

Birds In Flight Photography Cape Town Support Group
Cormorant in Flight : Woodbridge Island

Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town
Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town