01 January 2018

Table Bay Nature Reserve Quarterly Report: July – Sept 2017

Table Bay Nature Reserve
Table Bay Nature Reserve   Image : Vernon Chalmers
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  • Executive Summary
  • Highlights and Challenges
  • Conservation Planning
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Fire
  • People, Tourism and Education
  • Staff
  • Law Enformcement
  • Infrastructure & Equipment
  • Appendixes

Report Published by:

City of Cape Town
Transport for Cape Town
Environmental Management Department

For Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island photographers and others cornered with the estuary mouth at the Milnerton Lagoon currently closed / or at least just trickling water into the sea

From the Table Bay Nature Reserve Quarterly Report: July – September 2017...

"The estuary mouth at the Milnerton Lagoon closed due to the formation of a sand bar at the mouth. This could have been caused due to less water flowing through the water during the drought.

The sand bar resulted in water levels steadily rising in the lagoon until the water started spilling over Esplanade Road on the north-eastern bank of the lagoon.

An environmental authorisation was obtained to use an excavator to open the sand bar, but the use of a manual approach is preferred by Nature Reserve Management. Nature Reserve staff used spades to open the mouth by hand in order to drain water out of the Milnerton Lagoon.

Nature Reserve staff have also been monitoring the sand bar and water levels in the lagoon on a daily basis since the problem was observed." 

Source: From Page 2: Highlights & Challenges Table Bay Nature Reserve Quarterly Report: July – September 2017

BEFORE: Estuary Mouth at the Milnerton Lagoon

Source: Google Satellite Map Milnerton Lagoon / Woodbridge Island