About Vernon Chalmers

About Vernon Chalmers Photography
Canon EOS 7D Mark II - Woodbridge Island Cape Town
About Vernon Chalmers Photography
Professional Cape Town photographer, workshop facilitator and publisher of various online Canon EOS DSLR camera and photographic resources. 

"I predominantly capture Birds in Flight, Landscapes / Seascapes, Close-Up and Macro photography subjects with Canon EOS Full Frame and APS-C bodies paired with a variety of Canon professional and consumer prime / zoom lenses.
I balance my time between my own photography and the research, development / presentation of various Canon EOS DSLR Camera training and photography workshops in Milnerton / Woodbridge Island, Cape Town."

Purpose of the Vernon Chalmers Photography Website

  • Archiving and publication of personal digital photographic images
  • Promotion of Vernon Chalmers Photography private training / workshops
  • Providing resources for Vernon Chalmers Photography training / workshops
  • Sharing Canon EOS DSLR body / lens articles, demo's and research
  • Indexing of Kirstenbosch bird species / butterflies / flower images
  • Indexing of Woodbridge Island bird species / wildlife / landscape views

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Vernon Chalmers Photography Copyright
All Vernon Chalmers Photography images are copyright protected. Removal Copy / Snipping / Downloading of any Vernon Chalmers image is not allowed  Please refer to the Vernon Chalmers Copyright Policy section on this website.


Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Studio Apartment

Private training is facilitated form a dedicated and secure studio apartment in Arnhem Milnerton opposite Woodbridge Island. The training apartment is available on most days with secure on-site parking for delegates and guests.

Vernon Chalmers Photography Training Studio Apartment Map / Directions


Vernon Chalmers Photography Private Training / Workshops Cape Town
  • Introduction to Photography / Canon Cameras Cape Town More 
  • Canon EOS Autofocus / AI Servo Master Class Cape Town More
  • Birds in Flight Photography Workshop Cape Town More
  • Canon Speedlite / Ring Lite Flash Photography Workshop Cape Town More
  • Macro / Close-Up Photography Workshop Cape Town More
  • Landscape / Long Exposure Photography Workshop Cape Town More
  • Digital Workflow / Lightroom Post-Processing Workshop Cape Town More

Contact Me for any Private Canon EOS / Photography Training / Workshops  in Cape Town / Western Cape.


Accommodation for Photographers
Vernon Chalmers photography training is facilitated from a self-catering apartment in Arnhem, Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) with an option for local and international photographers to overnight during the various training sessions. Optional accommodation will be calculated at reduced rates into the Photography Training Proposal / Invoicing. More Information


Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town Talks / Presentations
Since 2015 I have facilitated a variety of talks and presentations at various PSSA- affiliated clubs in the Western Cape. Members were also offered practical Birds in Flight photography opportunities with me at Woodbridge Island. Birds in Flight Photography


Canon Camera News
Canon Camera News Cape Town is a Vernon Chalmers proprietary digital camera / photography website with reference to Canon EOS / PowerShot cameras / EF lenses and various Canon camera / lens testing shoots. 

Domain owner and editor Vernon Chalmers is a Canon EOS DSLR and Canon PowerShot SX digital camera advanced Canon camera trainer / online publisher with a keen interest in Canon digital camera / lens technology / digital photography. Visit Canon Camera News

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Copyright Vernon Chalmers: After Sunset : Milnerton Beach towards Table View
After Sunset : Milnerton Beach towards Table View, Cape Town (Canon EOS 6D / EF 16-35mm f/4 IS USM Lens)