01 September 2022

Mental Health and Motivation (In our daily lives)

Vernon Chalmers Mental Health and Motivation

When I am not involved in my own photography, training in Canon Photography or doing personal CFD portfolio management (and financial market research) on the JSE, my auxiliary focus is academic / social research in Mental Health and Motivation.

The Mental Health and Motivation research (website) project is now well beyond the premise of my own experiences and research interests. The website developed into an international resource sharing platform for assisting academia, interested individuals and mental health service providers across the world - currently more than 35 countries- with various (personal / family / community) Mental Health and Motivation resources.

For the past two years I have concentrated on more than 40 research / resource areas (mainly in psychiatry / psychology) that I have found (imho) to have the most profound impact in / on our daily lives, interaction with others and our personal decision-making (towards our own emotional wellbeing).

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Vernon Chalmers Mental Health and Motivation
Vernon Chalmers Mental Health and Motivation Website

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