01 May 2022

History of Milnerton, Cape Town

The old Wooden Bridge (in daily use) - Woodbridge Island  (Circa 1977)

The Wooden Bridge (in daily use) - WoodBridge Island  (Circa 1977)
 From The History of Milnerton by Eric Rosenthal Page 59 (Photo: Johan Du Plessis)

Suburb of Milnerton, Cape Town
The Cape Town suburb of Milnerton was established in 1902 on the site of the old farm, Janbiesjeskraal, and was named in honour of Sir Alfred Milner, Cape Governor 1897-1901. The railway line from Milnerton Junction reached Milnerton on 22 September 1904.
Source: SA History Museum

History of Milnerton by Eric Rosenthal (1980)

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Book / PDF Book Chapters

  • Township in the Wilderness 
  • Wartime Worries 
  • Sales Campaign 
  • The Coming of the Railway 
  • An Old Time Outing 
  • A Rugby 'Ground' and other Schemes 
  • A Racecourse is Born 
  • Travelling Salesmen 
  • Better Times 
  • Shaping a Community 
  • The First World War and After 
  • Housing Schemes 
  • The First Local Board 
  • The 'Winton' 
  • A Leap Forward 
  • Another World War 
  • Chances for Ex-Soldiers 
  • Scheme for a Municipality 
  • The New Town 
  • Municipal Advance 
  • Table View and other Expansion 
  • Residential Growth 
  • Civic Spirit 
  • Black, Brown and White 
  • Planning Ahead 
  • Milnerton – Today 

Published by the Milnerton Municipality

Design and Art Direction: Bob Baker, Cape Town

Colour Photography: Johan du Plessis, Cape Town

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Image from The History of Milnerton by Eric Rosenthal (1980)
Historic Milnerton Map

Woodbridge Island Milnerton Cape Town Today

Woodbridge Island Bridges View 

Milnerton Lighthouse Woodbridge Island View 

Table Mountain Cape Town From Milnerton View

Self Catering Apartment Accommodation for Photographers  Arnhem Milnerton View

The Wooden Bridge Today - Woodbridge Island, Milnerton Cape Town (Photo: Vernon Chalmers)
The old Wooden Bridge - Woodbridge Island, Milnerton Cape Town (Photo: Vernon Chalmers Canon EOS 6D) 

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