01 August 2017

Canon EOS 6D for Action Photography Cape Town

Canon EOS 6D for Action Photography Cape Town
The humble Canon EOS 6D (Full Frame) for motorcycle panning at Killarney, Cape Town and Birds in Flight, Woodbridge Island.

The Canon EOS 6D body is not really renown for its Autofocus System capabilities when compared to i.e. the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Full Frame) / Canon EOS 7D Mark II (APS-C) - and globally Canon photographers are not too keen for its 4.5 fps continuous rate compared to 6 - 14 fps in most sport-orientated bodies.

I took the Canon EOS 6D on various tests (deliberately) paired with the Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM lens for demonstrating the camera's 11-Point AF system capabilities at 4.5 frames per second.

If this was my only Canon EOS body, I would have no concern shooting motor sport and / or Birds in Flight - only change I would make is to replace the 70-300mm lens with my 400mm prime lens for Birds in Flight (for faster AF and the 100mm additional reach).

Two images with Canon EOS 6D at Center-Point AF (AI Servo Mode):

1st Image: Motorcycle Panning at Killarney Cape Town

2nd Image: Birds in Flight Photography - Woodbridge Island, Cape Town

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Canon EOS 6D for Action Photography Cape Town
Image 1: Canon EOS 6D - Motor Cycle  Racing Killarney  Source

Canon EOS 6D for Action Photography Cape Town
Image 2: Canon EOS 6D - Birds in Flight Photography Cape Town  More

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